Cryotherapy Treatments

About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy treatments use cold and freezing techniques to treat the body, specifically focusing on skin lesions.

When skin tissue is rapidly frozen to 27 degrees celsius, the water freezes and expands, destroying not only the cell walls but the nucleus too. Effectively, when applied professionally, nitrous oxide kills the cells by freezing them.

Why Choose Cryotherapy?

Our cryotherapy treatments & technology are considered the gold standard in lesion removal:

Fast treatments, often only taking several minutes

The extreme cold reduces perceived pain

Sterile treatments that require no incision

Very little (often zero) collateral skin damage

Excellent, highly targeted results

Hundreds of Happy Customers

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Cryotherapy Treatment List

The cost of a cryotherapy treatment is determined by the freeze time and size, so it's very difficult to give an accurate price without seeing the lesion.

Once we've seen the lesion, either in-person or via pictures, we can provide an accurate quote.


  • Wart removal: starting from £60
  • Milia removal: starting from £60
  • Pigmentation removal: starting from £20
  • Cherry angioma removal: starting from £20
  • Skin tag removal: starting from £20

Preparation & Aftercare

Before Your Treatment

  • If your lesion is in an intimate area, have a bath/shower before your appointment - please think about your therapist.


Treatment is usually painless, or with slight discomfort. Initially, immediately after the treatment has been applied, you may get any of the following which will have been explained to you when you signed the consent form:

  • Redness due to the initial inflammation, this is normal and is part of the healing process. The area may also be slightly raised.
  • You may get a small dry scab - do not pick or pull the scab, allow it to come away by itself
  • Itching may occur, usually within a few minutes of treatment. It usually lasts only a few minutes but may last up to 30 minutes. It is due to release of histamine, and is totally normal in treatment of this kind
  • Blisters may form with any treatment to the skin and can happen to anyone. Any blisters which do form, may last just a few hours or a few days dependent on the location that has been treated. Blistering may occur after treatment of any type of lesion. Any blistering will not affect the outcome of the treatment

After Your Treatment

  • Don't pop any blisters that form - if it pops accidentally, use an alcohol-free wipe to clean the area, and apply a smear of antiseptic cream. It may also be covered with a dressing/plaster.
  • Don't scratch or pick the treated area - this will cause the area to take longer to heal and may cause damage to the skin
  • Don't use scrubs on the area, as this will damage the surface of the skin

General Healing

  • Most healing is straightforward and occurs without a problem.
  • Most healing will take place in 4 to 6 weeks however, it may sometimes take longer than this, as all skin varies, and can take longer to regenerate.
  • Any treatments that take longer than 6 weeks to heal may need to be reviewed by your GP or clinic nurse.
  • If your immune system is compromised, you may still have treatment, BUT healing may take longer, and you may require further treatment.
  • If the area treated is tanned, the treatment will remove the tanning and the skin will need to repigment to the tanned colour. The small dry crusting that forms should come away after 4 weeks, if not please wait until it has done so before contacting the clinic/salon.
  • During the healing time, you can shower/wash as normal and use your usual cosmetics, including makeup, deodorants and moisturising creams

Cryotherapy Questions

Common Questions

You must be at least 18 years old. There's no maximum age providing you don't have any medical conditions that make you unsuitable for treatments.